Imagine for a moment that a local reporter stops you coming out of church. She asks you a straight-forward question: “Is it easy or hard to follow Jesus?”   How would you respond?   If you’re like most believers, you’d hesitate to answer. If you say “hard,” you risk belittling the atoning work of Christ, making it sound as if salvation depends upon your own effort. On the other hand, if you answer “easy,” you might contradict Jesus’ warning to count the cost of discipleship.   If you could hit the pause button on this scenario and consult a Bible for the answer, what wouldRead More →

When I used to manage Christian bookstores, I would often serve customers looking for parenting resources. There was one request I received almost every week: a book that would help parents conduct, “The Talk.”   No, I don’t mean that talk. Sure, we had parents ask for titles such as, “How Babies Are Made.” Sex is an important topic to be sure, but it pales in comparison to another sweat-inducing subject. What’s more nerve-racking than talking to children about sex? Well, according to many bookstore-visiting parents, it’s discussing the gospel.   It’s wonderful to hold the gospel in such regard that it’s treated as theRead More →

My local church is going through a series called The Story of the Snake Crusher which looks at the grand narrative of Scripture through the lens of the gospel. The following is a poem I wrote inspired by this series’ focus on Abraham and Isaac. The poem weaves between Abraham’s story (regular typeface) and Jesus’ sacrifice (bold & italic typeface).   “Number the stars, if you can” Said holy God to sinful man Your lineage shall be like heaven, immense So faith sprung alive. Righteousness was dispensed     Amongst the stars Abraham observed Lay one for Mary’s Son reserved A mystery hidden in heavenlyRead More →

The following is a forward I recently wrote for my grandfather’s first book which he penned at the age of 85.   “And the faith you handed down has somehow stuck around.” – Andrew Peterson   When my grandfather asked me to write the forward to his first book, it made sense.   After all, I had authored my first book just four years ago. Maybe my book triggered a longing to write – a desire which had been dormant for the first 84 years of my granddad’s life. Maybe it acted as a catalyst to put on paper the stories he’d been verbally tellingRead More →

I’ve got good news; you’re likely on your way to being a millionaire! If you’re skeptical, consider this calculation by Randy Alcorn:   “Take…a man or woman who works from age twenty-five to sixty-five and makes ‘only’ $25,000 a year. Forget for the moment the huge additional value of health and retirement benefits, interest, pay raises, and other income sources, including inheritance or Social Security. Even without these extras, this person of modest income (by our standards) will receive a million dollars. He or she will manage a fortune.”   Just in case you missed Alcorn’s point, here’s the breakdown:   (An annual salary ofRead More →

Earlier this week, I wrote a devotion for preteens on the subject of work. In doing so, it struck me how poor an outlook youth are provided when it comes to thinking about employment.   On one hand, many kids today hear the message that work is pure drudgery. It’s a toilsome means to an end that makes the alarm clock enemy #1 when it announces the arrival of a Monday. Thanks to favorably-filtered weekend photos and memes depicting work as a grind, Facebook is often the social media breeding ground for this sentiment.   Conversely, kids also hear that work is a blissful endeavorRead More →

Here are eight sayings Christians often get wrong about the Bible. These aren’t heretical statements; they’re just a few Sunday morning clichés which could use a fact-check. How many of these expressions have you said or heard?   1. “David killed Goliath with a sling and a stone.”   The ending of this popular story is more graphic than most storybook Bibles suggest. Yes, David’s stone makes Goliath fall to the ground. However, the killing blow was not actually the impact of the rock. It was David striking Goliath with the giant’s own sword and cutting off his head (1 Samuel 17:51). If you thinkRead More →

While God doesn’t intend for us to assume the Holy Spirit’s role, there are practical ways we can fan flames of passion for God’s Word in our spouses’ lives. Here are five clever ways to bless your spouse’s quiet time:   1) Plan a Date to Go “Old-School” Bible Shopping   While mobile devices provide more freedom than ever before to read the Word, they also bring with them a myriad of possible interruptions. ESPN notifications, Pinterest boards, and Facebook updates all compete for our attention when we delegate our quiet time to the digital realm. And if we’re honest, God’s Word sometimes starts toRead More →

Some of my favorite moments of each day occur around 7:30pm. This is the time I typically have devotions with my five-year-old twins using a storybook Bible.   Up until they were three, my wife and I used The Big Picture Story Bible with our kids. This is a fantastic storybook Bible. In fact, if you want a quick overview of the entire Bible and how all the major stories fit together as one, it’s worth your time to read as an adult. (You can do so in about an hour.)   However, as my kids’ attention spans have expanded, I’ve struggled to find aRead More →

  One of the more frequent commands in Scripture is short and to-the-point.   It’s a two-word instruction found 28 times in the New Testament. The phase is uttered by Jesus, by the Holy Spirit, and by the apostles. It can also be found in all four gospels, in several of the epistles, and in the book of Revelation. What’s this pervasive Bible phrase? It’s the simple command to, “Get up!”   Almost all of the Biblical commands to get up require a person to move in order to experience the mercy and grace of God. Consider these examples:   The paralytic had to riseRead More →