What if every believer, had every Scripture, on every subject, available at a moment’s notice?   As a Christian bookstore manager, I truly believe I have one of the best jobs in the world. I get to equip people with the Word of God for a living.   I did a quick estimate before starting this blog. Given the average amount of Bibles I sell in a day, combined with the number of years I’ve spent working in the Christian retail industry, I figure I’m closing in on selling my 25,481th Bible this week.   The folks I sell these Bibles to are as variedRead More →

If you want retailers and readers to take your book seriously, you have to create a cover which demands attention.   Read that again: your book cover must demand attention. Not hope for it. Not encourage it. No, your book’s title and cover art must be designed in such a way to insist the casual book browser stop what they’re doing and pick it up.   Because I manage a Christian bookstore by day, I touch more books in a week than most people see in the course a year. Not only do I see every new arrival that comes in, I also constantly pullRead More →

This post may surprise you.   It lists three real reasons why you may not want to become a Christian. It has become unpopular today for some Christians and churches to tell what you are about to read. However, it’s exactly the sort of message Jesus spoke of when He was here on earth.   Read the first four books of the New Testament and you’ll find passages where it almost seems Jesus is trying to discourage people who want to follow Him (Matthew 8:18-22, Luke 9:57-62). This is not the case though. Jesus is really asking everyone to first consider what it means toRead More →

How to Declutter Your Writing Style to Capture Your Audience   I love language and the adventure that is literary creation. Yet, when it comes to catching and keeping the attention of readers, I sometimes have to trade eloquence for accessibility.   Why You Should Use Lists, Headers and Lilliputian… Ahem, Small Words   If you’re writing just for yourself, journal away in the most poetic voice you can muster. Let your brain and pen run wild. However, if you want others to hear your voice (and better yet, be influenced to act because of it) simplify your presentation. There are exceptions to this ruleRead More →

Not everyone may like your book just the way it is now. What can you do? Cut it in half! Maybe even into thirds…   Before I got distracted by my son’s toy obsession, book sales, and ways to make money, I was blogging a series about writing short. You see, your readers (my customers) are asking for thinner titles. I see it every day as I manage a bookstore.   But what if the nature of your subject matter doesn’t allow you to write short? Well, you can write a brick of a book. However, recognize that doing so may alienate potential readers.  Read More →

I guess it happens when you hit 30. Or maybe just when you have kids.   Regardless, I’ve lost my touch. I just can’t recognize which toys are cool anymore.   At least that’s what my three-year-old twins are teaching me. Take my son Abel for example, pictured here.   The reason he’s beaming is due to the two-inch piece of plastic he’s cradling in his hands.   Can you see it? It’s a VeggieTales figure. Probably worth about twenty-five cents.   This painted cucumber has been sitting in my lost-and-found cabinet at work for over a year. As I was cleaning out the stashRead More →

I first embarked on the adventure that is self-publishing one year ago. Since then, I’ve been asked the same question each week:   “How’s the book doing?”   Up until now, I’ve only been able to answer, “Pretty good I think.”   Well, the first quarterly statement for God is NOT a God of Second Chances released today. Here’s how the book has performed in its first three months:   426 copies of the book have been sold: 31 online. 395 through brick-and-mortar stores.   441 eBook editions have been given away (across six continents).   $1,045 in book royalties have been generated for churchRead More →

Can I be honest? Publishing a book can be expensive.   It saddens me to hear that the cost of publishing discourages so many gifted communicators. There are gems of books waiting to be written. Unfortunately, too many sit idle in their author’s head simply because the money to publish just isn’t in next month’s budget.   I experienced this first hand when I decided to write my first book. Being a one-income family, our discretionary spending isn’t just limited, it’s non-existent at times. To complicate matters, I decided to donate all the royalties from my book to a new church plant. That meant IRead More →