What does your 13-year-old niece, your coworker, the tattoo parlor employee, and your mom all have in common? They’re all on Facebook.   Facebook is popular across demographics due to the simplicity of its platform. Master four controls (post, like, comment, & share) and you can interact with your entire address book from the comfort of your own couch.   Sometimes though, the effortlessness of playing around on Facebook masks its eternal significance.   Now don’t get me wrong. Like you, I use the site to unwind. Facebook’s status stream often serves as nothing more than white noise to allow my mind to graze onRead More →

“Carpe Diem – Seize the Day!”   No doubt, you’ve seen this mantra plastered on Facebook walls and Twitter feeds this week. It’s motivated by people wanting to pay tribute to the late actor, Robin Williams, who made famous this phrase in his classic movie, Dead Poet’s Society.   As I’ve recently watched both Christians and non-Christians laud this advice, I’m reminded there’s a universal appeal to this idea of day-seizing. Often a vivid reminder of death, such as the public news of Williams’ passing, serves as a catalyst for stirring up this desire to not let time get away from us.   But forRead More →

I work for a Christian celebrity. Or at least, I did. Kind of.   One of my job responsibilities is to lead teams which oversee conference bookstores of a well-known Christian author. These events are staffed by hundreds of volunteers who serve thousands of people. We sell Bibles, Bible studies, books, DVDs, CDs, and other Christian resources. Even though the company I work for is non-profit, like any well-managed operation, I’m given a budget to hit.   A few weeks ago, I flew to Denver for a conference. I was hoping to replicate the success of my last event and so spent my flight reviewingRead More →