Your trash man grimaced when he woke up this morning. It’s the week after Christmas, and his job just got a lot harder.   This week, balls of wrapping paper and flattened boxes line the curb of every subdivision. Neighbors who previously tried to outdo one another with the biggest light display now compete to see who can best maximize the storage capacity of each garbage can. Yep, there’s an extra strain on your trash collector’s back and it marks the retirement of this year’s gift-giving season.   Behind us are the days of tinsel and candy canes. Retail stores now scramble to mark downRead More →

A few days ago, a rather influential mega-church pastor blogged about 10 convictions he had for the church at large.   Several of his concerns sounded very odd coming from an evangelical pastor, but one in particular raised some eyebrows.   It was #9, stated as follows:   “Community is more important than reading the Bible. (The early church didn’t have the Bible for the first 300 years of Christianity…but they did have one another.)”   Now, I’m not interested in calling out pastors or churches, and I despise the fake congenialities of “open-letters.” I am however very interested in how values of the ChristianRead More →

My sweet Abel and Belle,   This week, your mother and I will celebrate our 9th year of marriage. I think I should go ahead and tell you; I’m not in love with your mom. Actually I never have been. It’s high time you know the truth.   But hold back your tears for a moment my little ones. I’m afraid you don’t understand what I mean. Perhaps I first need to tell you what love looks like. Or at least, what it doesn’t.   So snuggle up beside me. Pull your little blankets up to your chins the way you like to do. AreRead More →