In my city there resides a well-respected, non-profit, Christian business.   Positioned in the middle of the Bible Belt, this company has no problem attracting hopeful job applicants. However, if you’re hoping to secure one of their coveted positions, there’s one question you’ll have ace during the interview. And apparently, it’s a stumper.   “A few candidates knock this question out of the park,” company spokesperson Andrew Spencer says, “but the majority we interview flounder trying to get it right.”   Are you curious on how you’d fare? Let’s find out. The particular question that surprisingly baffles Bible-believers is:   “What is Christianity all about?”Read More →

  If you clicked on this post, it probably means you or someone you love is currently suffering. I’m so sorry.   I relate to you. I’m suffering. So are my friends. I hate it and long for a resurrected world made right again. But I’ve got good news for the both of us: a suffering life doesn’t equal a vain life. Instead, suffering can be, and should be, used to glorify God.   Don’t Be Surprised!   Unfortunately, there’s nothing as common to mankind than the fact that all of us, at one time or another, suffer. And although it happens to everyone, itRead More →

The goal is to win!   From children playing Candy Land to nations fighting for a spot on the Olympic podium, this message resides at the heart of our competitions. But is winning really all there is to it?   Perhaps you wouldn’t expect anything less out of the mouth of a NFL manager, but as a lover of sports and a lover of God, I suggest this higher goal for athletics:   Sports is about reflecting the nature of God and enjoying His gifts to make much of Christ.     This call isn’t restricted to the owners of billion-dollar sport franchises. It appliesRead More →