If you’re a Christian, you’re required to be passionate about missions. Right?   After all, it sure looks as if the church at large is on board with the idea: We create mission statements. We talk about living for the mission. We strive to be a missions-minded people.   We take up mission offerings to go on mission trips where we team up with professional missionaries. We even invent new words like missional – a term so novel, most spell checks and auto corrects aren’t sure what to do with it. Yes, we Christians love our missions. At least, we love the sentiment behind them.Read More →

Social media abounds with articles chiding the church for what it says wrong.   This post won’t add to that noise by merely rattling off another list of problems. Rather, I’d like to identify three popular clichés floating around while also offering three ways the church can reinvent these sayings to better reflect Biblical truth.   Starting us off is a proverb currently making impressions across denominational lines:   Cliché #1   “Jesus hates religion.” [Biblical Reinvention: “Jesus hates the fake appearance of religion but loves true religious fruit.”]   Recent best-selling Christian books and popular YouTube videos center around the premise that the gospel of Jesus isRead More →