Dear Church,   I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but you’ve been getting a lot of mail lately.   Not fan mail. More like invitations. To a retirement party. For you.   Folks are writing you off. You’re apparently outdated, out of touch, and out of ideas. You’re just not relevant anymore.   You’ve received numerous “open letters” sharing your shortcomings. Indeed, it’s popular to talk about you right now, but only as a clown. As a prude. As an old fogy, the kind who still uses a pager and Blockbuster membership card.   And if you haven’t read the letters, you certainly won’t wantRead More →

It’s the kind of announcement that makes dollar signs appear in the eyes of any tabloid editor: “Archeologists Discover Lost Commandment of God!”   It’s fake news of course, but can’t you envision the frantic marketing effort that would surround such a report? Books would be written. Articles posted. News channels would call in bearded religious scholars for interviews.   While there is no lost commandment of God (the last book of the Bible specifically warns about adding to it), there are many forgotten or ignored instructions within the pages of Scripture. One such decree is found immediately following the Ten Commandments of Exodus 20.Read More →

These are the lyrics to one of the first songs I wrote for my son, Abel.   Although I didn’t compose this tune the day he was born, I did (more-or-less) whisper the words of this chorus to him in the soft light of the NICU. Tangled in tubes and cords, pressed against my chest for warmth, my son barely recognized my voice. I spoke anyway.   I wanted my first words to assure Abel of my love – a love meant to reflect the relationship between God and His children. No “good work” qualifies us for God’s embrace. No sin or shortcoming separates usRead More →