If you had a birthday yesterday, I’m sorry no one noticed.   You probably expected a lunch date with your best pals. Or maybe a few family phone calls. Hey, at a minimum, you knew you could bank on that annual flood of Facebook wishes you always get. (You know, the kind that give you a resume-worthy Klout score for 1/365th of a year.)   But sadly, you probably didn’t get as many “Happy B-Days!” on social media this year. Nope, your special day reminder was buried under a mountain of emotion and opinion. People were distracted.   If you’re not from the USA,Read More →

Dear son,   Thank you for my slightly-burnt Pop Tart breakfast and the construction paper card. It’s Father’s Day 2015, and you’ve gotten it off to a great start!   At four years old, I’m watching you attempt to figure out what this holiday is all about. According to the TV ads, it’s all ties and tools, loafing and lounging. Today, you’ll see thousands of men fill the golf courses or use the occasion that is the third Sunday in June to cram in a full-course meal at their favorite steak house.   Now don’t hear me wrong little buddy; you know I relish sportsRead More →

Don’t tell anyone, but I’m a Christian bookstore manager who uses a Bible app.   I know, I know…doesn’t that disqualify me for service? Isn’t there some type of bookstore-managing-mafia that hunts down guys like me who betray the cause and join the digital dark side?   Well, I’m probably safe, but just to clear my name, know that I do use a Bible with actual pages in it for my personal quiet time. In fact, I just submitted an article to my editor on the practical benefits of using an “old-fashioned” paper Bible.   I believe Christians should embrace technology. However, we also needRead More →