I’m a Christian father who keeps up with the news. So am I scared about the world my children will grow up in? Not a chance.   “Why not?!” many believers ask. “Haven’t you seen the headlines? Sampled the abrasive climate? Don’t you know where our country is heading?”   Well sure, I’ve read the headlines, but I also read my Bible. And here’s what God says about the times:   “[God made] every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place, that they should seek God, and perhaps feelRead More →

Earlier this month, I contributed a two-part guest series to LifeWay’s Pastors Blog.   Regardless of whether you’re a pastor or not, these posts speak to ways you can use your church guests’ initial questions to lead into gospel conversations. Here are links to both articles:    –10 Questions Driving Guests to Visit Your Church (Part One)    –Turning Questions into Gospel Conversations (Part Two) SaveRead More →

I bolted upstairs to my little girl’s room. “Daddy!!!!” she screamed a second time.   My daughter’s bloodcurdling cry had me fearing the worse. Had my four year old princess broken her leg trying to scale her dresser again? Was her twin brother dangling out a second story window we had forgotten to lock? My mind raced to think up other horrifying scenarios as I hurdled the steps two at a time.   I frantically threw open the bedroom door. “What is it?!!” I asked.   My little girl pointed a trembling finger toward the corner of her bedroom. “Daddy look! There’s a shadow on myRead More →

If God were to suddenly give you everything you think you want, would you be willing to leave it all behind?   Google the word “miracle” and you might just land on a site like this, one that boasts 4 easy steps on how to pray for provision (with a bonus technique for quicker results!)   Mature Christians will quickly recognize the shallowness of this information. And for good reason! God is not systematically coerced into giving humans what they want. Instead, the Bible often paints another scenario: one where God’s people occasionally get exactly what they think they want, only to realize their longingRead More →