“I’ve often thought about writing a book but I just don’t have the time.”   Wow, I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard this comment since first publishing a book. It seems every other person has a story they’re eager to tell the world…one day. Unfortunately, that day will never come for most people. They’ll always be just a little too busy.   I get it. Really I do. I’m a husband, father, and church member. I oversee six retail stores, write for a half dozen publications, maintain a blog, and serve my local church. I have grass that needs mowing, cars which needRead More →

Should Christians talk to Satan?   This is a question tens of thousands of moviegoers will likely be asking themselves in coming weeks as the movie, War Room, releases in theaters on August 28th. Unlike other summer flicks, War Room doesn’t feature superheroes, dinosaurs, or super spies. Instead, it focuses on a more powerful subject: Prayer.   I caught an early screening of War Room last month and was thrilled with the film’s content and quality. War Room is absolutely worth your support on opening weekend. Watch it. Share the trailer. Talk it up!   However, there is one particular scene I wish had beenRead More →

Can I be honest? Sometimes the Old Testament is just hard to read.   Take Judges 19 for example. This is where my church (which usually preaches through books of the Bible) happens to be this week.   I’m pretty sure our teaching pastor grimaced when he saw this chapter coming. Let me warn you, the story’s not pretty; it’s actually exceptionally racy and graphic.   Conveniently, this passage didn’t make it into NBC’s Bible miniseries last year. And before you check, no, it doesn’t come with a handy footnote which says, “This chapter isn’t found in the earliest manuscripts.”   Nope, Judges 19 isRead More →