Welcome to the popular game show, “Teach Your Kids About God: Extreme Challenge Edition!”   This episode’s scenario? Your entire family is snowed inside the house for a full week. During the next seven days, you must follow these rules:   Teach your kids about God using only the Bible and everyday items you have sitting around your house. Your power is out and all your devices are dead. VeggieTales and your favorite Bible app are not available tools. Classes are canceled and Sunday School is postponed. For an entire week, YOU are the main instructor in your child’s life.   Are you ready forRead More →

Poor book of Leviticus.   Although you’re the #3 book in the Old Testament, you’re probably one of the least quoted sections of the entire Bible. I manage a Christian bookstore and yet never check in coffee mugs with your references on them. I guess the best part of waking up is not reminders of Jewish ceremonial law in your cup.   But I’m glad you’re here Leviticus. I would not know Christ as well as I do without your visual aids of the gospel. I wouldn’t know what holiness is had you not shown a people what it truly means to be set apart.Read More →