Outlandish fights, foul language, and sexual misconduct have been all over the news recently.   No, I’m not referring to the antics of political candidates. I’m talking about the unbelievable box office success of the R-rated superhero movie, Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds.   If you haven’t heard, Deadpool is the latest action movie to grace the big screen. One of the few superhero movies to garner a R-rating, Deadpool was considered something of a risk by 20th Century Fox. With the movie having already grossed $500 million globally, it’s a risk that’s paid off from a financial standpoint.   But what about from a spiritualRead More →

When you work with the public, you always have a good story to tell around the dinner table.   I recently concluded a 15 year career working on the front lines of Christian retail. Here are some of the more, ahem, interesting requests I received over the years:   1) “Do you carry the movie, The Shining, on DVD?” This customer was actually looking for the Amish drama entitled, The Shunning. Turns out, a vowel can make a big difference. This:    Not This:     2) “Do you sell plastic flies?” This children’s leader was teaching the story of the Exodus. I checked ourRead More →

“These will never sell,” I muttered as I unboxed a shipment of adult coloring books.   24 hours later I was staring at a row of empty shelves in disbelief. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Adult coloring books? Who ever heard of such a thing?   Turns out, a few people have. For over a year now, adult coloring books have dominated book bestseller charts. In the publishing industry, this puts them on the verge of surpassing fad status. Adult coloring books have now secured a social acceptance in America the way crossword puzzles did in the 1920s and 30s.   While Crayola’s stockRead More →