Are Believers “One with Christ Again?”   If you happened to land on a Christian radio station last week, there’s a good chance you heard these words:   Christ is risen from the dead We are one with Him again Come awake, Come awake! Come and rise up from the grave!   This is the chorus to the popular worship song, “Christ is Risen from the Dead,” by Matt Maher. Introduced in 2010, this song has quickly become an Easter mainstay. It’s a great song which contains solid theology – with the exception of one tiny word:   “Again”   Tens of thousands of ChristiansRead More →

I don’t know who Noah outsourced his marketing efforts to, but they’re doing a killer job.   I mean, just look around. Noah’s trademark project turns up on wallpaper, changing tables, and on…well, just about every type of item you can find at Baby’s R Us. I guess it makes sense; kids love animals after all. There’s a danger though when Noah’s ark becomes just a cute story in the Bible. Nothing could be farther from the truth.   Noah’s story is initially one of judgment and wrath. God didn’t assemble the animals to get a creation class photo. No, He brought a remnant ofRead More →

I’m a Bible salesman who’s never read the Bible through in a year.   Have I read the Bible cover to cover? Yep. Multiple times. The first was in high school after which my dad took me to get grinders to celebrate. It felt like a big deal to a 17 year old. It was.   Since then, I’ve read the Bible through seven, eight, maybe nine times. I don’t really know. I don’t keep count. I do have a method though which repeatedly takes me from Genesis to Revelation. It’s simple; I read two chapters of Scripture every day.   I know that’s anRead More →

When it comes to teaching children how to express gratitude, we’re not merely limited to a mealtime blessing or holiday before Christmas.   No, Colossians 3:17 states that whatever we occupy ourselves with, we are to perform with thanksgiving. Insert your child’s task at hand into this verse and you’ll notice that a spirit of thanks is essential for doing it to the glory of God. But just how do we nurture a spirit of thankfulness in our kids? Here are eight exciting suggestions:   1) Thank God for the Body of Believers   When our kids count their blessings, they usually drift into familiarRead More →