If you’ve read any of my blogs on stewardship, you’ve likely heard Swagbucks mentioned. Swagbucks is an awesome website our family has used (almost daily for the past two years) to earn extra money to finance things like adoptions, the publishing of a book, and even the month’s grocery budget.   Many of you have checked out Swagbucks, only to be confused with all the bells and whistles the site offers. To help out, I’ve created a listing of the 11 primary ways our family uses the site to be better stewards. Here they are:   **All of the Swagbuck links below are ourRead More →

In 48 states, there are laws that restrict texting while driving.   It’s not that government officials have anything against texting per say. Rather, they value the safety of their citizens. Law enforcement is willing to have lousy texters (people who don’t read and respond to messages while in route) if it means having more focused drivers on the road.   This principle of choosing to be excellent at one thing at the expense of another makes sense behind the wheel. However, it actually has application to every area of our lives. The truth is, we give God glory when we’re intentionally lousy at certainRead More →