“If after 90 days of giving, you aren’t satisfied that the Lord has blessed you in return, get your money back…no questions asked.”   While it may sound like a commercial pitch, wording like this has recently been appearing on church websites across the country. These churches are seeking to encourage generosity among their congregations by offering a money-back guarantee on tithing. Proponents of this method cite Malachi 3:11 as their proof text. Here, God asks the Israelites to test His provision by faithfully offering their tithe.   This practice of offering a refund policy on tithes has been both lauded for its ingenuity andRead More →

My five-year-old son loves video games.   While I want him to enjoy his games to the glory of God, his mom and I have observed these games becoming idols in some ways. As of late, my son has been prone to “not hear” his mother while playing. He’ll also harbor a sinful attitude when the day’s errands keep him from the screen for an extended period of time.   In our attempts to shepherd, I felt a calling to write my son a simple book about what idol worship can look like to a kid (or an adult for that matter). While I pulledRead More →

The One Word Substitution that Determines Whether a “Religious Person” Gives God Glory or Wastes Their Life Trying   You’ve likely had someone tell you that God hates religion. Don’t believe it for a moment.   Sure the Sadducees and Pharisees of the New Testament gave religion a bad rap. However, Jesus’ confrontations with these groups didn’t involve religion per se. Rather, Jesus was appalled by the false appearance of religion.   In contrast to this, God actually encourages what He calls, “true religion” (James 1:27). I’ve written about this term and the use of the word, “religion” in today’s Western culture. For today, I’dRead More →