Earlier this week, I wrote a devotion for preteens on the subject of work. In doing so, it struck me how poor an outlook youth are provided when it comes to thinking about employment.   On one hand, many kids today hear the message that work is pure drudgery. It’s a toilsome means to an end that makes the alarm clock enemy #1 when it announces the arrival of a Monday. Thanks to favorably-filtered weekend photos and memes depicting work as a grind, Facebook is often the social media breeding ground for this sentiment.   Conversely, kids also hear that work is a blissful endeavorRead More →

Here are eight sayings Christians often get wrong about the Bible. These aren’t heretical statements; they’re just a few Sunday morning clichés which could use a fact-check. How many of these expressions have you said or heard?   1. “David killed Goliath with a sling and a stone.”   The ending of this popular story is more graphic than most storybook Bibles suggest. Yes, David’s stone makes Goliath fall to the ground. However, the killing blow was not actually the impact of the rock. It was David striking Goliath with the giant’s own sword and cutting off his head (1 Samuel 17:51). If you thinkRead More →