The following is a forward I recently wrote for my grandfather’s first book which he penned at the age of 85.   “And the faith you handed down has somehow stuck around.” – Andrew Peterson   When my grandfather asked me to write the forward to his first book, it made sense.   After all, I had authored my first book just four years ago. Maybe my book triggered a longing to write – a desire which had been dormant for the first 84 years of my granddad’s life. Maybe it acted as a catalyst to put on paper the stories he’d been verbally tellingRead More →

I’ve got good news; you’re likely on your way to being a millionaire! If you’re skeptical, consider this calculation by Randy Alcorn:   “Take…a man or woman who works from age twenty-five to sixty-five and makes ‘only’ $25,000 a year. Forget for the moment the huge additional value of health and retirement benefits, interest, pay raises, and other income sources, including inheritance or Social Security. Even without these extras, this person of modest income (by our standards) will receive a million dollars. He or she will manage a fortune.”   Just in case you missed Alcorn’s point, here’s the breakdown:   (An annual salary ofRead More →