When I used to manage Christian bookstores, I would often serve customers looking for parenting resources. There was one request I received almost every week: a book that would help parents conduct, “The Talk.”   No, I don’t mean that talk. Sure, we had parents ask for titles such as, “How Babies Are Made.” Sex is an important topic to be sure, but it pales in comparison to another sweat-inducing subject. What’s more nerve-racking than talking to children about sex? Well, according to many bookstore-visiting parents, it’s discussing the gospel.   It’s wonderful to hold the gospel in such regard that it’s treated as theRead More →

My local church is going through a series called The Story of the Snake Crusher which looks at the grand narrative of Scripture through the lens of the gospel. The following is a poem I wrote inspired by this series’ focus on Abraham and Isaac. The poem weaves between Abraham’s story (regular typeface) and Jesus’ sacrifice (bold & italic typeface).   “Number the stars, if you can” Said holy God to sinful man Your lineage shall be like heaven, immense So faith sprung alive. Righteousness was dispensed     Amongst the stars Abraham observed Lay one for Mary’s Son reserved A mystery hidden in heavenlyRead More →