Hi. My name’s Aaron.


Aaron Wilson Writer BloggerI’m a writer and editor out of Nashville, TN. You can sample some of my work here on my portfolio page. Right now, I’m giving away two of my books for free. Really! Just click on the title you’re interested in on the right of this page and enter your email address to snag a 100% free copy. –>>


I’m married to Jennifer, my gorgeously beautiful, feisty theologian of a wife. We have five-year-old boy/girl twins, Abel and Belle, whom we adopted as frozen embryos. You can learn more about that here.


My desire in blogging is to communicate practical ways Christians can give God glory in their everyday lives. If you’re new to the site, I invite you to spend some time looking around. Here are some of my more popular posts to get you started:



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Thanks for hanging with me today. Let’s keep meeting like this!


This is my personal blog. Any thoughts expressed are mine and do not represent my employer or the publications I write for.





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