One Way to Give God Glory? Get Up.


One of the more frequent commands in Scripture is short and to-the-point.


It’s a two-word instruction found 28 times in the New Testament. The phase is uttered by Jesus, by the Holy Spirit, and by the apostles. It can also be found in all four gospels, in several of the epistles, and in the book of Revelation. What’s this pervasive Bible phrase? It’s the simple command to, “Get up!”


Almost all of the Biblical commands to get up require a person to move in order to experience the mercy and grace of God. Consider these examples:


  • The paralytic had to rise at Jesus’ command to experience healing. (Matthew 9)
  • Ananias had to rise and walk to find a newly converted Paul. (Acts 9)
  • Peter had to rise and travel with Cornelius to encounter God’s salvation being granted to the Gentiles. (Acts 10)
  • John had to rise in order to receive prophesy of God’s final victory. (Revelation 11)


There’s certainly a category for stationary worship (activities such as rest, Scripture reading, and meditation). Indeed it’s easy for me as an introvert to submit to the kind of spiritual behavior that allows me to stay put and experience God within the comfort of my own home. However, many aspects of worship such as gathering together as the church, service, and missions require mobility.


Obeying God often involves getting out of bed, off the couch, and out of the driveway (assuming one can of course). It’s good to enjoy the patterned rest God graciously offers, but in between those moments of stillness, we must fight spiritual fatigue by intentionally getting up and getting around people to engage in the work of God.


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