Cheer for His Children – Fathers breed godly confidence in their kids by being their biggest supporters, not just on the playing field, but wherever God calls young hearts to bring Him glory.   Establish a repertoire of at least five character voices for story-time.   Discipline in Love – Faithful dads aren’t lazy when it comes to engaging sin in their children’s lives. Dads are prepared to stand up to the real enemy (even when it temporarily makes them out to be the “bad guy” in their children’s eyes).   Be willing to get his hands dirty. (Drool, runny noses, diapers…yeah,Read More →

  Luke 17:7-10 contains one of the shortest and most unfamiliar parables in all of Scripture.   It’s one of those passages that doesn’t make it’s way onto Christian T-Shirts and coffee mugs. The likely reason is because in this passage, Jesus calls people (even what appear to be faithful people) “good-for-nothing.”   Since it’s only three verses long, take a moment to read Jesus’ words in context:   “Which one of you having a slave tending sheep or plowing will say to him when he comes in from the field, ‘Come at once and sit down to eat’? Instead, will he not tell him, ‘PrepareRead More →

    For 15 years, I sold Bibles for a living. Well other things too, but as a Christian bookstore manager, the bulk of my attention was on getting the Word of God into people’s lives.   A sampling of our Bible department revealed no less than 16 different Bible versions, with many more just a click away from being ordered. A few Bible acronyms you might recognize are: NIV, HCSB, KJV, NKJV, ICB, NASB, ESV, NIRV, NLT, and NRSV. Given this list, it’s no wonder why so many people are asking the question, “What’s the best Bible version?”.   What Are We Asking For?Read More →

  I just did the math. In the last 38 days, the American flag has flown at half mast a total of 15 times.   15 out of 38 days. This means in the last month, your kids had a 40% chance of seeing a flag out their car window that represented human lives killed in domestic and international attacks. Sadly, this has become their new normal.   Here’s the other new normal for our kids: #PrayforBatonRouge #PrayForNice #PrayForDallas #PrayForOrlando #PrayForSanBernardino #PrayForParis   There are a hundred other hashtags we could add to this list. You and I know the drill too well…   ARead More →

Currently, a group of men at my church are reading and discussing the gospel of John. I’ll be honest; other than Psalms and Job, John’s gospel is one of hardest books in Scripture for me to process.   In preparation for our discussion, I was reading John chapter 5. Here, Jesus makes a startling claim. He says, “The Father judges no one but has given all judgment to the Son” (5:22). Wait a second. The Father judges no one? What about passages like 1 Peter 1:17 that says the Father does in fact judge? Is this a contradiction in Scripture?   While these verses mayRead More →

Several years ago, I took a few hours on a Sunday afternoon to write an article for my church’s blog. I titled it, “God is Not a God of Second Chances.” It focused on the good news of the imputed righteousness of Christ.   Little did I know at the time, that post would play a catalytic role in what would become a part-time writing career. Last week, I had the honor of writing a version of that same message for The Gospel Coalition. Here’s a snippet of the post. You can read the rest on TCG’s website here.   In our polarized culture it’s rareRead More →

“If after 90 days of giving, you aren’t satisfied that the Lord has blessed you in return, get your money back…no questions asked.”   While it may sound like a commercial pitch, wording like this has recently been appearing on church websites across the country. These churches are seeking to encourage generosity among their congregations by offering a money-back guarantee on tithing. Proponents of this method cite Malachi 3:11 as their proof text. Here, God asks the Israelites to test His provision by faithfully offering their tithe.   This practice of offering a refund policy on tithes has been both lauded for its ingenuity andRead More →

My five-year-old son loves video games.   While I want him to enjoy his games to the glory of God, his mom and I have observed these games becoming idols in some ways. As of late, my son has been prone to “not hear” his mother while playing. He’ll also harbor a sinful attitude when the day’s errands keep him from the screen for an extended period of time.   In our attempts to shepherd, I felt a calling to write my son a simple book about what idol worship can look like to a kid (or an adult for that matter). While I pulledRead More →

The One Word Substitution that Determines Whether a “Religious Person” Gives God Glory or Wastes Their Life Trying   You’ve likely had someone tell you that God hates religion. Don’t believe it for a moment.   Sure the Sadducees and Pharisees of the New Testament gave religion a bad rap. However, Jesus’ confrontations with these groups didn’t involve religion per se. Rather, Jesus was appalled by the false appearance of religion.   In contrast to this, God actually encourages what He calls, “true religion” (James 1:27). I’ve written about this term and the use of the word, “religion” in today’s Western culture. For today, I’dRead More →

  If you’ve read any of my blogs on stewardship, you’ve likely heard Swagbucks mentioned. Swagbucks is an awesome website our family has used (almost daily for the past two years) to earn extra money to finance things like adoptions, the publishing of a book, and even the month’s grocery budget.   Many of you have checked out Swagbucks, only to be confused with all the bells and whistles the site offers. To help out, I’ve created a listing of the 11 primary ways our family uses the site to be better stewards. Here they are:   **All of the Swagbuck links below are ourRead More →